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Digital Humanities UCC

Website Designer & Developer

Digital Humanities & IT Research Assistant UCC Co.Cork. Owner DT website design & development. Incredibly passionate about technology and digital creativity.

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What I Do.



Using digital tools and methodologies to explore trends and developments in Technology, Economics and Digital Humanities



Regularly contribute to The Internet Archive and Zooniverse as well as individual and group academic projects. Recently launched final year project  ExploringSHUA 



Graduated 1:1 UCCDH Systems and Software Practices, Computing in Society, Digital Content Management, Searching and Using Online Data 



Designed, developed and now maintain 13 eCommerce websites, 9 content sites and 8 non-profit websites for various clients. Also contribute remotely to CatchAFire



Voluntarily maintain two websites for local non-for profit organisations as well as help regularly with events, fundraisers, meetings and any administration needs


FREE Help For UCCDH Students

If you’re a first-year student, struggling with building, designing or maintaining your website to host your blogs as part of our DH modules, I’m more than happy to help out in any way I can. Don’t hesitate in reaching out for some help/advice for anything, big or small, I’d be delighted to share what I’ve learned. Get in touch and we can jump on a Zoom call or have a chat.

Work With Me.

Regardless of your starting point, I offer a full service system to help you bring your business to where you want to be. Offering a unique, individual and results driven approach to bring your digital dreams to life.

Digital Archiving

Digital preservation helping to protect and maintain our cultural heritage 

Web Design

Personalized website development, unique and specific to your needs

Web Development

Turning Web Design into powerful, successful and dynamic websites


Here’s a few of my academic and personal articles – feel free to explore and engage! I’d love to hear your thoughts

Daniella Traynor

Don’t be a stranger..

Feel free to follow me, comment, or message me, excited to hear from you. Give me a shout, or email me at